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Guestblog – My favorite tips for healthy vacations

I’m always happy to have guest bloggers and have them offer some insightful tips to stay fit and healthy. We put our forces together with Kendra Thornton this time to bring you some helpful solutions to stay healthy while on vacation. Enjoy!

Staying fit and healthy is a preoccupation of mine, and this holds true whether I’m at home or traveling somewhere with my family. On the road it can be more difficult to stick to my normal habits, but that doesn’t mean all of my guiding principles have to be forgotten. I find that with a little planning, I can make sure that our family eats well and gets plenty of exercise even on vacation. In case anyone is wondering how I manage this, I’ve decided to share a few of my secrets. Exercise doesn’t have to be serious. In fact, you can get a great workout when you’re being playful and silly. That’s why our family has gotten into the habit of holding little tournaments that consist of whatever activity happens to be convenient. If we’re near the water, we might have splashing contests or relay races. We’ve had hooping contests and jump rope competitions as well. This is something we often do in the nice weather, both in our own backyard and when we take family vacations. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated! This is one of the most basic rules of staying healthy. I make sure that there’s a good supply of water when we’re on a trip. For car trips, I pack a cooler with bottled water. If we’re walking somewhere, I give everyone a water bottle in case we can’t stop at a store for a while. Drinking fluids helps keep your energy level up. Research shows that you start to get dehydrated even before you feel thirsty, so keep sipping. Buffets have gotten very popular and our family enjoys them from time to time. We often find ourselves at buffets when we travel. This can pose a challenge to my commitment to healthy eating, as buffets often serve rich and fattening foods. Yet they also offer salads, vegetables, legumes and other healthy items. If you load up on the greens first and limit your portions of the heavier selections, you can eat a healthy meal even at a buffet. The water provides numerous ways to stay active while having fun. Swimming, snorkeling and diving are just some of the water sports our whole family enjoys. Boats can also be great exercise. Rowboats, canoes and paddleboats all compel you to work if you want to keep moving. That’s one reason I try to plan vacations near a beach or lake. At the very least, I try to choose a hotel that has a good swimming pool. Choosing a hotel with a nice gym can be great as well. This was one thing I did for our upcoming trip to Orlando. With so many hotels in Orlando however, sites like Gogobot can be a great resource to make the process a little easier. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t that difficult once you make it a priority. Even when you’re on vacation you’ll find that there are many ways to eat nutritious meals and get the exercise that your body needs. Sometimes you have to be a little creative about it, but it’s worth the extra effort. You’ll feel better and you’ll have more energy to enjoy your vacation! /Kendra/   One of the keys to keeping healthy habits while on vacation is preparation. We often just “wing it” and stack up a fait amount of calories, fats and sodium, not to mention the cost of eating out. It’s always easier to buy your food and prepare your meals yourselves. Of course you don’t always have access to a full kitchen or have the time to prepare a full meal, but a salad or a sandwich is really not that hard to put together. Mind your snacks. It’s so easy to reach for bars, chips and all sorts of easy fixes, but are they really worth it? Fruits, nuts, hummus all make great and portable snacks. If you have a  sweet tooth, indulge in a healthy protein bar. It will fill you up and give you the energy you need to last through the day. Scout out public transportation and walkability. We are so used to driving everywhere. Not only will you burn calories, you get to see more of the place and get a chance to discover spots you would’ve zoomed past, had you stuck with your car. Vacation doesn’t always have to mean letting go in every sense of the way. Staying fit an active is easier than you think.  How do you like to keep active while on holiday? Share in the comments.

Throw back Thursday



 Here’s my throw my back Thursday for you. I can’t believe this used be me. I can’t imagine ever going back to this. I’m so glad I decided to turn things around and go down a healthier path. It changed my life in so many ways, I became so much more confident, active, went from extremely shy to more open and just became all around empowered. The best thing is now I get to pay it forward. I get to help people transform and guide them along their journey. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing them change in front of my very eyes.

If you think you’re ready, hit me up. I’d love to help you take charge of your life, counter all excuses and get you to a healthier and happier place.


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It’s almost time for summer and we all want to look our best. Lucky for you I’m offering some new classes and session and get you to where you want to be. Be it group or one-on-one, each session is fun but sweat inducing, maximizing you calorie burn, getting you results fast. It’s fit for all levels, tailored to your individual needs. If you want to train but don’t live in the LA are, I also offer skype training as well as online coaching. Hit me up and let’s get moving!




Good new for chocolate lovers

Check out this great blog from NASM. Highly recommend it to my fellow chocoholics:)

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Thought for today

“The difference between stepping stones and stumbling blocks is not in the event itself but how you think about it and what you do after it. Every failure and setback can become part of your success or an excuse for quitting or failing. People who develop the discipline of positivity are both happier and more successful.”
― Michael Josephson


I don’t know about you but I had my fair share of stumbling blocks, setbacks, I thought the world ended. I also realize that my perspective of them changed a lot over the years. I had a very low self esteem before and when something failed or didn’t go according to plan, I got really discouraged and was ready to give up. As my life and habits transformed, so did my drive. I started realizing that all the obstacles are nothing but more than lessons. I may not have realized it at the time, but I definitely learned from them and rarely came across the exact same block twice. I slowly started to become more assertive, stand up for myself and believe in my own worth, which made it easier to get up after a stumble. Quitting is a million times easier and you can justify it all you want, but is it really worth it in the long run? Doesn’t it feel better to look back on your journey with pride and a sense of accomplishment? Losing the weight wasn’t easy, and I remember many occasions where I was ready to quit and run back to food for comfort, then I stopped, realized how far I’ve come and just forged ahead. Today I get to pass that message on to my clients. I love taking this journey with them because I get to see both their external and internal transformation.

So the next time you get to a setback, ask yourself, is that really a stumbling block, or a stepping stone in disguise. I would love to hear some of your experiences in the comments. Chat away!