Benefits of meditation

I  was once convinced that meditation wasn’t for me. I had a hard time sitting through, it, I was itching to get up, all sorts things were going through my head, it was anything BUT relaxing. I tried to get on a regular routine and failed miserably multiple times, til one day I said that’s it, I’m doing it. You really don’t need a lot, just a space where you can be alone for a few minutes. It’s been almost 6 months now and I have been very consistent, I’d say 90% success rate as far as daily meditation goes. As for its effect on my life in general, I’d say 110%. I feel calmer, more composed, I get less worked up over little things, I just feel lighter in general and my intuition is much sharper. Or maybe it’s always been sharp, but now I listen to it and boy does it save me some serious heartache. I cannot recommend it enough. Of course with everything, the biggest issue is commitment, to stick with it and not bail after a few days. 

There are many different ones; you just have to find the one that resonates with you, be it guided, chimes, or just relaxing music. I find guided ones to be the best, my favorites are  Lisa Williams, Denise Linn and Sandra Anne Taylor’s. I like to rotate them around, depending on my mood. Much like with workouts, you pick them according to what you need to work on that particular day.

If you have a problem with commitment, I invite you to join Lisa’s 30 day meditation challenge and post every day after you finished your meditation. You can request to be added to the group here ->

And in case I haven’t won you over yet, heck out some of the benefits of meditation. Let me know in the comments how it’s going and the changes you’re noticing.




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