Skinny is the new fat

I was browsing Old Navy yesterday when I saw their new jeans line.



I’m not going to lie, it really pissed me off. Even the name of the line implies the target audience, making various forms of skinny the social norm. I remember the good old days when they used to be called the Diva, Flirt, Boot etc. Now it’s the SKINNY diva, the SKINNY flirt, the SKINNY boot, and rest assured the sizing matches the name. They just keep shrinking. I’m still not over size zero and of course DOUBLE zero. You’re non-existent, that’s what zero means to me. I am waiting for their next line , the VANISHED.

Obviously I have nothing agains a healthy, fit body, but I do cringe when I hear a perfectly healthy teenager wanting to lose weight because that’s the message society is sending her. Here’s an idea, instead of making stick skinny the ideal, why don’t we educate this coming generation about how to be fit in a healthy way? I’d like to see the reappearance of curves on women.  Who’s with me?

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