Stay hydrated!

Summer’s here, the heat kicks in, you hit the beach, stay out more and, inevitably, start to sweat more. It’s more important than ever to make sure your body stays properly hydrated throughout the day. Most of us only reach for a drink when we’re thirsty, by by that time it’s too late. You’re dehydrated. It’s your body’s last desperate attempt to get some fluids in.

A few quick facts for you:

* Thirst. If it kicks in, you know you’re already on your way to dehydration. You know what to do!

* Skin: dry and wrinkly skin

*Mental: cognitive performance decline,  decreased visual vigilence, tension, anxiety, fatigue, negative mood can all be warning signs

*Dehydration: 1% loss of body mass due to fluid loss qualifies as dehydration. Don’t even think about making this your new diet!

*Kidneys: a higher water intake will protect and help them

*Weight loss: just 17oz of water can increase your energy expenditure by 100kj

*Physical: modest level of dehydration, about 2% of body mass, can result in about 20% decrease in physical performance levels in temperate climates, and up to 40% in hot temperature

*Water: plays a crucial role in transporting nutrients and waste between the major organs and helps regulate body temperature

Here’s a quick list for you. The easiest way to stay well hydrated is to sip water throughout the day. I always carry my bottle with me, and even take water breaks myself with my clients. Ave you had your 8oz today?



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